Activity 2. Conducting research:

Sub-Action 2.1 - Development of the study in each country.

Experts on the environment of Bulgaria and Romania will join their efforts to identify priority topics for the purpose of teaching aids. Activities include research and comparative analysis, which will aim to identify the specific environmental problems of the region. Results of the comparative analysis will include topics that can be addressed in the pre-university environment. Based on the results of research experts from both countries / Bulgaria and Romania / will meet and develop common curricula that will apply in all four / four / schools that are part of the project team. It is planned to assess and analyze the awareness of environmental issues from the perspective of youth and how it can be changed in a way that people can protect nature in their daily lives.

Analysis of the achieved results

Sub-Action 2.2 - Results of comparison and development of a common curriculum.

Studies will cover the target regions thus will get a real picture of the results from regions with different characteristics - primarily developed for rural areas. The study and analysis will be a fundamental element in pilot training for Bulgaria at national level. The analysis will contribute to the introduction of courses on environmental protection in schools at all levels. This will accelerate the process of prevention and take the necessary measures to reduce pollution in the affected areas.

Sub-Action 2.3 - Organization of 3 / three / workshops

It is envisiged organizing three workshops aimed at connecting three large flow of participants in the learning process: Experts - teachers; authorized municipal representatives - local administrations and departments of education targeted municipalities; students. One seminar will be in town. Craiova at the end of the study when education experts from Bulgaria will visit Romania, together with the Lead Partner will prepare and compare the results of the research. The summit will determine the general curriculum in environmental issues, which will be implemented in all four / four / schools. The second seminar will be held in Bulgaria. Events will take place after the delivery and installation of equipment and commissioning of the segments of e-learning. The third working session is set to be held in Constanta, Romania at the end of the project. All participants / teachers from target schools, Bulgarian and Romanian experts in the field of education / will present the positive impact of the project and achieving cross-border impact. The seminar aims to present to the media, local and national authorities and all stakeholders in the educational process of the two countries the importance and significance of the investment in ICT for education.

Sub-Action 2.4. - Organization of 3 / three / demonstration lesson in Bulgaria

Organised 3 / three / demonstration lessons will be held at the school in the town.. Romanian teachers will demonstrate their skills and experience in the use of ICT in education in environmental protection. Their Bulgarian colleagues will take part in the demonstrations. The lessons will be open for municipal representatives, experts in the field of ecology and education, parents and local and national media. The message of the three demonstration lesson to the audience at the local and national level will be "Education for a healthy environment."

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