Activity 5. Construction and starting Platform

Platform training must meet the current requirements for conducting e-learning, compatible with internationally recognized standards and specifications such as SCORM, AICC or equivalent. Learning platform should allow the implementation of a number of operations on the basis of an installation. The installation of the platform should be implemented professionally, ensuring high security of the proposed solution. It is expected that the platform is web-based, developed through modern software tools enabling future expansion. Will perform the preparation of training courses which include:

  • Development of curriculum - curriculum for students from 7 to 11 class includes 12 lessons / aids in the preservation of the environment.

  • Creation of e-learning (e-Content) and tests of Bulgarian and Romanian languages including:

- Development of 12 electronic lesson / aids;

- Development of 12 electronic test (1 for each lesson / manual).

  • Training of teachers - the task is to prepare and training of teachers to use e-learning platform. Training should be realized through the setting of target groups that should be developed and provided training on specific topics. After the end of each training Contractor must provide participants feedback forms. Feedback should be processed and made available to the beneficiary in the form of a report / analysis of trainings. The Contractor must implement corrective actions (if any) in the following areas: curriculum content and methodology.

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