Activity 6. Information, Publicity and press events

Promotional activities will be aimed at attracting the attention of the whole society, local communities of the border region, local and national authorities, representatives of the media, schools and universities, teachers and students from the border region and nationally. The aim is to provide the results of investments in environmental protection courses in the field of environmental protection and show a good example of cross-border partnership and joint cooperation in achieving European standards. For the purposes of the project will be printed and distributed the following promotional materials: 5000 / five thousand / brochures to publicize the results of the project; 5000 / five thousand / brochures "Demonstration lessons" - to publicize the results; 500 / five / poster; 5 / five / banner; 1200 / twelve hundred / pens; 1200 twelve hundred / folders; 200 / two hundred / T; 200 / two hundred / scarves; 200 / two hundred / backpacks; 200 badges; 200 / two hundred / journalistic kit; 14 identification signs.

Events that are provided are aimed at promoting the project. They will enable all participants in them, to learn about the benefits of eco-consciousness in the education system. This work includes the preparation of articles that will be published in local media with information about the project. The final step indoor press conferences, one in Romania and one in Bulgaria in order to present the results of the project, the future steps to ensure sustainability.

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